Tooth and Tail: RNGesus and Overtuning

(Other titles that I considered for this review – “RTS, Redwall and the Russian Revolution” “Eat The Rich, Literally” “Animal Farm With More Guns”)

Alright, so full disclosure – I haven’t finished playing this game. I’ve got about ~3 hours into the single player and some multiplayer, but it’s clear it’s going to take more time to finish it and I feel like I’ve done enough to give a light review on the thing. I’m going to start off talking about the marketing, theme of the story, gameplay and finally the missions themselves. This review is light on spoilers, just putting it behind a cut because it’s long.

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On the complexities of naming sexual harassers and abusers in non-cisheteronormative communities.

I know the title is a bit of a doozy, but I can’t think of anything else to really name it.  The idea for this has been swirling in my head for a while now, ever since the first trickle of survivors speaking out about their experiences to #metoo to the current Hollywood meltdown going on as sexually abusive men in power are finally thrown from their pedestals.  People have been talking on social media about men in power doing this, and suggesting that women don’t.  Reading every single cisheteronormative addition made me feel a jab to my gut – not because these experiences or observations are false, but because they only tell one party of the story of abuse, one narrative.  And that narrative isn’t my own.  Big trigger warning – talking about abuse below the cut.

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In defense of callouts – using the right tools.

I make a lot of tweets about community issues and how certain ways of dealing with issues can be harmful to others.  I’ve sorta danced a bit around the subject, and never really fully talked about my opinion on public callouts before.  There’s a lot of shitty and some very good pieces critiquing ‘callout culture’, and this might be another piece about it, but I wanna focus instead on where callouts are actually useful (with a dash of critique).  Because, and I want to make this very clear – callouts are actually incredibly useful when needed.  More below the cut, and huge trigger warning for discussions of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

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Slime Rancher: Poop, Love and Letting Go

I recently finished the story portion of Slime Rancher.  I initially bought this game when it was still in early access, because unlike a lot of other early access games at the time, it looked promising and it had a pretty good developer pedigree behind it for a small indie game.

Slime Rancher is an adorable game where you, Beatrix, travel a thousand light years away to the Far Far Ranch to start a new ranching life on the frontier.  Instead of livestock (sans chickens, which are in the game and which the game helpfully reminds you not to turn your back on), you are ranching Slimes – creatures native to the Far Far Ranch, which produce valuable slime poop (‘plorts’) used for a variety of purposes back home.  So you feed them, collect their plorts, sell them and upgrade your ranch and unlock upgrades for you and your vacuum gun.  As you upgrade, you gain access to more areas of the Far Far Ranch and the story begins to unfold.  SPOILERS AHEAD. Continue reading “Slime Rancher: Poop, Love and Letting Go”

Here’s 5 tips on how to not have a bad time on social media.

I’m a kid of the 90’s, and aside from the brightly coloured plastic nostalgia, I also spent a lot of my life on various forms of social media.  Livejournal, myspace, deviantArt (even though I’m definitely not an artist, but it certainly housed a lot of my awful prose), twitter when it first became a thing, facebook, tumblr, and back to twitter – I’ve not seen it all, but I’ve certainly seen a lot.  And I’ve also seen a lot of bad shit and unfortunate things go on, so I wanna share a few tips on how to have as smooth of a sailing on social media as you can.  These tips may not apply to everyone, there are always going to be exceptions for everything, and I’ve probably done the opposite of these several times and maybe still do because I’m a messy queer.  Most of these tips may be obvious to some folks, but do take a read through them and see if there’s any that may be helpful 🙂

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awoo! the sound of hello!

Hey y’all!  If you’re coming to this blog, it’s probably from my twitter account.  If not – Hi!  My name is Syn, if you wanna learn more about me, read my about.  Basically, this is going to be the blog where I can put my lengthy social justice-y posts and queer+trans community commentary on.  Wordpress is probably a much better format for this, (almost) all my friends are using it, so here I am!  I’ll make posts when I’m able to or, more likely, when I get incensed enough about an issue to write about it.